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Friday, July 22, 2011

Why to take HR as specialization while doing MBA? Read more:


With the growing economy and expanding businesses, the role of the Human Resources department in any company has become really important. If you are also looking to pursue a career in the HR field, it would be worthwhile to get an MBA in HR. The MBA program will prepare you for all kinds of roles that come under the HR function. The options are plenty and the HR function is quite a wide one that includes recruiting or hiring, training and development of staff, employee relations and benefits management. People in the HR department of a company are responsible for hiring new people and managing the existing ones. Then, they are required to maintain pay rolls and employee benefits too.

Broadly, HR management can be divided into two key terms- specialist and generalist. As the name suggests, HR specialist focuses on any one domain such as recruiting or training or pay roll, whereas a generalist handles a number of areas and tasks simultaneously without being focused on nay one task. For smaller organizations, there are generally two-three people in the HR department who are generalists and handle all areas pertaining to HR. However, in bigger organizations where there are bigger IT teams, the roles become more specific and there are HR specialists who handle specialized areas. An MBA in HR prepares one for specialized roles. After the MBA, you may start as a generalist but can eventually graduate to specialize in any one function.

The curriculum in an MBA program in Human Resources include subjects that trains on eon the effective supervision and evaluation of staff. It also involves learning about the statistical and tactical management of the business environment. In companies, where manpower is the biggest asset like the services industry, the HR department plays a key role. This is important to manage the staff well and keep the company running on good management of staff. If one pursues an MBA in human resource administration from a good HR MBA college, one can advance in career to work as director of human resource, senior human resource manager, directors of employee relations, regional human resource manager and on more such senior positions. Thus a post graduate degree prepares one for leadership roles for managing the corporate human resources function.

An HR manager helps employees get the requisite training and upgrade their skills. They are also to gauge and estimate the future needs for staff. Thus, a Master of Business Administration in Human Resources help students develop the right traits required for quality leadership and to succeed in this field. The course also builds skill and knowledge sets and provides valuable networking opportunities. The course is generally spread over two years. It includes study of courses such as Organizational Psychology, Performance Appraisal, Organizational Development, Management Applications, Leadership and Teambuilding, International Human Resource Management, and Managing across Cultures. The specific skills that one can aspire to learn during the course include decision making, leadership skills and problem-solving abilities besides basic and advanced business strategies and concepts in everyday business operations.

With the role of the HR department in a company becoming more and more prominent, there is a growing need in the market today for qualified HR professionals. Thus, HR students have immense job opportunities and career choices to make. One could start as an HR Assistant or a Human Resources Clerk or a Recruiter or Training and Development Coordinator or a payroll Specialist or an HR Generalist and with years of experience, go on to become the HR Head of a company.

Another advantage of doing an MBA in HR is that you can join any industry because HR function is common to all industries. Thus, MBA in HR has emerged as the hottest and the most south after course in recent times. It is a lucrative career option and with some extra knowledge about psychology, sociology, leadership, body language, communication skills, teamwork, and deftness in technology, one can safely look forward to make a successful career in the field of Human Resources. With a job in HR, you can look to attain great heights in your career even if you switch industries. A lot of new techniques and innovations are emerging in the HR field theses days that have made this job all the more exciting.

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